New Construction Close To Beverly Hills, CA

New Construction Close To Beverly Hills, CA
Video Transcription

Hi! Today I wanted to show you some examples of new construction close to Beverly Hills. Because people often think that if you want to live in Beverly Hills or close to Beverly Hills, somewhere in the area, you might be stuck with either outrageously expensive homes or really old homes. It is not true.

This building is just outside of Beverly Hills. It’s beautiful. It is walking distance to Century City, walking distance to Beverly Hills and its restaurants and shopping, walking distance to Century City and its restaurants, offices, and mall. So, that’s an amazing area.

A lot of new construction is going on here. And seriously, if your house seems like it is a bit too old or maybe a bit too big for you now. Maybe you want a condo. Maybe you want a newer smaller house. Maybe you just want to move to change your environment. There are areas that are close to Beverly Hills,  and you can be in Beverly Hills without paying Beverly Hills prices. Not many people know about it, but this is true. If you want to learn more about it, just give me a call or just leave a note here under this video.

Let me know, and we can arrange for a tour. I can tell you more about it. And maybe, who knows, we’ll find you a new home. You can text me directly, my phone number is (310) 467-2277. So, once again, if you live in Beverly Hills or in Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO) and you feel like you want a change, but you don’t know what to do, where to go, there are places you might like. I can show them to you, and I think you will be happy to see them. So let’s talk, and let’s see what we can do because I’m sure we can find you a new place.

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