How To Sell Your Luxury Home Faster For More Money

Irina Hill Realtor - How to Sell your Home Fast at a Higher Price with Targeted Marketing
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Video Transcription:

Many real estate agents, falsely believe that all they need to do for marketing is to write a beautiful description of your house, hire a professional stager, take some photographs, videos, post it all on the internet and wait for the buyer to stumble upon your Beverly Hills area listing. Although all these activities are absolutely necessary, often it’s not enough. The right buyer who will love your luxury house, may not recognize the match once they find the listing on the internet. The right buyer might not be even looking to buy at this point. A passive marketing approach doesn’t work in this case. Instead, we use active target marketing, identifying the most opportune buyers for your luxury home in the Beverly Hills area, and driving them to the listing.

Once those buyers are introduced to the house, they start competing against each other, offering you more favorable terms with their offers. As a result, we get a faster transaction at a higher price. The most opportune buyers are found with today’s information technologies. For example, if your house has a studio room or recording room, it could be ideal for a person in the entertainment industry or the buyer’s three dogs might absolutely love your big, beautiful fenced-in yard. We can showcase the features of your luxury home to the right buyers and show them how your home will fulfill their family needs.

If you are considering selling your home. Let’s have a short meeting where together, we’ll identify the most unique features of your house and the group of people who will absolutely need those features. This meeting will have no obligations to you and to me, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to sell your home for more money in less time?

So, before you choose a local realtor to sell your home, leave a comment here, and let’s designs the best way to market your home. I have been awarded certification by Premier Luxury Marketing Consultants. It’s a national company dedicated to providing real estate agents with elaborate tools, resources, and strategies, which are specific to marketing and sale of luxury home properties. Less than 1% of realtors have this certification. Let’s find that buyer for your home! Leave a comment here or text me directly (310) 467-2277.

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