Beverly Hills September Real Estate Market Update

Beverly Hills, CA September Real Estate Market Update

Hello. This is Irina Hill, your local Beverly Hills realtor. Today we’ll be doing September Real Estate Market Update. Yes, I’m a little bit late. Sorry about that.

In September in Beverly Hills we had 11 houses sold and it took an average of 93 days to sell them. Right now we have 129 houses available for sale, 129 total. Out of those are 24 condominiums under $3 million. 37 of these sales are priced between $3 and $10 million. 19 are between $10 and $15 million. 48 are over $15 million. The most expensive house is still on North Beverly Drive and the asking price is $125 million. It’s still available.

Well, what can we tell about the market in September? It slowed down a little bit. You can see that. On average in September it took 93 days to sell a house, and right now the houses which are still available on average have been on the market for over 118 days. But there is no reason to worry. The market is still hot. You can still sell your house quickly, so if you are on the fence take advantage of the current hot market. Sell your house now! Do not wait to see what’s going to happen later.

Right now is the time. Take advantage of it. If you need help, if you need advice on how to improve it, how to get more money for it, or sell, not sell, or whatever, give me a shout. There is no obligation. We’ll just come out and we’ll see if we can help and see what can be done.

Anyhow, reach out with your comments and let’s talk soon. Have a wonderful, wonderful month.

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