Affordable Areas Around Beverly Hills

Where To Move From Beverly Hills To Stay Close And In Affordable Price Range
Video Transcription

Hi, this is Irina Hill, your local Beverly Hills realtor and today’s video is not about the Beverly Hills. It’s actually for people who live in Beverly Hills or BHPO currently, and maybe tired of driving over and over again to all the bars and restaurants and beauty salons and grocery stores. Maybe their houses require a lot of maintenance now, and they might be tired of all this lifestyle and maintaining their homes, but they don’t really know what to do and where to go. Where would they move once they sell their house?

Well, I wanted to show you something today. This is the area, which is very close to Beverly Hills and it’s actually closer than you think. This area is sandwiched between Beverly Hills, Century City, and Beverlywood. And it’s amazing because we have condominiums here and we also have single-family homes and we have new construction as well.

And it’s very close right there, down that road over there we have a nice Roxbury Park, very popular with a lot of amenities and activities. Also, that way we have Olympic Boulevard. And that way, if you go down that road, it’s a walking distance to both South Beverly Drive with tons of restaurants in Beverly Hills. Tons of restaurants, beauty salons, shops, whatever you need. And if you walk a little bit further, it will be walking distance to the Golden Triangle with all the shops and restaurants and entertainment places in Beverly Hills. And that way, if you follow that other way over there, you will reach Pico Boulevard. That’s where Beverlywood starts.

And the best part is that you can walk from here. I can walk from here to four different grocery stores. I can walk to the post office, to the bars and restaurants, the beauty salons, everywhere, anything I want. And you can walk from here to Century City as well. So I can walk to see my doctor. That’s amazing too. You can walk to bus stops too so if you don’t want to drive, if you want to experience a different lifestyle, you can just go and see if you can do it. You may barely use your car in the future. And most importantly, you have a choice. You can buy a house. You can buy a condo. You can buy new construction and the prices, they are very different. The price range is so wide. It depends on what you want. It varies between $750,000 and you can go as high as three or four million dollars. It’s all up to you all what you want.

And therefore, I think if you feel like maybe you are sick and tired of constant driving, of constantly maintaining and repairing your home, you may consider moving to this area. You see we have views here too. Look at those. So, let’s sit down. I don’t have to come to your house. I don’t have to see it. We can meet at Roxbury Park. We can sit down, talk about what you want, talk about how you feel about your life and your lifestyle, and see what makes sense. We can estimate how much money you’re going to get out if you sell you house. We can estimate how much money you would need for your new place. And then we can just see what makes sense.

Let’s see if this change would make you and your family happier. I love doing this. This is my job. That’s why I am doing it. I love helping people to move from one place in their life to the next, happier place in their life and, hopefully, we’ll find it for you. And it might be here right between Beverly Hills, Century City, Beverlywood and Cheviot Hills. And maybe that’s the solution. Maybe this will answer your questions. So shoot me a text or a message below. Contact me. You can text me or you can just leave a comment below. Let’s connect and see what makes sense for you. All right. Have a wonderful day and let’s talk soon!

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