5 Ways Coronavirus is Impacting The Housing Market in Beverly Hills

The coronavirus and COVID-19 have altered almost every aspect of our lives, from the business landscape to entertainment to schooling. And real estate and the housing market in Beverly Hills have by no means come through unscathed. Real estate is still chugging along, of course, but there have been some changes – changes that both … Continued

Beverly Hills September Real Estate Market Update

Hello. This is Irina Hill, your local Beverly Hills realtor. Today we’ll be doing September Real Estate Market Update. Yes, I’m a little bit late. Sorry about that. In September in Beverly Hills we had 11 houses sold and it took an average of 93 days to sell them. Right now we have 129 houses … Continued

Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO) September Real Estate Market Update

Speaker 1: Hi, this is Irina Hill, your local Beverly Hills realtor with Rodeo Realty, and this is early October and we are doing a September real estate market update for Beverly Hills Post Office area. In September, there were 17 homes sold in the area and it took an average 80 days to sell…

5 Estate Planning Tips for Homeowners in Beverly Hills

It’s a common misconception that only wealthy people need to worry about estate planning. Really, though, it should be a concern for most people, especially for homeowners. With no estate plan in place, there’s no way for your estate to pass on to your heirs/beneficiaries without the delay caused by the long and complex process … Continued

Pros and Cons of Using a Flat Fee Real Estate Agent in Beverly Hills

Today, when money is so tight, more and more home sellers are looking for a way to save, especially by reducing or eliminating agent commissions. To that end, some sellers are choosing the for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) option (though this isn’t recommended for first-time sellers) while others are using a flat fee real estate agent. This latter … Continued

5 Tips For Handling a Long Distance Move in Beverly Hills

Do you have a long distance move, maybe even across the country, coming up? You’re certainly not alone. Every year, about 14% of the population relocates to a new location and a new home. And for most of them, moving long distance is a dreaded and onerous undertaking. It doesn’t have to be like that, … Continued

7 People You Need To Notify When You Move in Beverly Hills

When you have to move, notifying all the right people makes the transition much smoother than it otherwise would be. If you know whom to notify and then do it, it will help you avoid headaches and trauma later on. You don’t want to move to a new house without heat or electricity, do you? … Continued

Irina Hill Earns Prestigious NAR Designation in Senior Real Estate Specialist

Irina Hill has completed extensive training and been designated as a Senior Real Estate Specialist by National Association of Realtors equipping her with elaborate tools, resources and strategies specific to working with sellers and buyers of 50+ years of age. Beverly Hills, California – September 25, 2020 – National Association of REALTORS® announces that Irina … Continued